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Research Centre

JMRH Hospital

The Research Mission of Jayadev Memorial Rashtrotthana Research center is to undertake and promote excellence in Integrative clinical research to foster and support the research which benefits patient care and treatment. Sponsored as well as in house research and Academic Research, Investigator-initiated projects provide the foundation for the research activities. These projects are complemented by large organizational projects, population-based epidemiologic studies, community-based intervention programs, integrative controlled clinical trials, and research training programs. The center is designed to generate innovative policy thinking for a human-centered future of integrative work and guided by the needs of society. The aim of the JMRH Research Center is to bring modern integrative health technologies to the people through research and innovations related to diagnosis, treatment methods and translation into products and processes and to benefit the public health system.

Special features of JMRH Research center

xperienced and GCP trained Research Investigators assisted by a dedicated and full time GCP trained Research Team.

Policy of research related activities Updated SOPs in accordance with national and international regulations.

Institutional Ethical Committee have Experienced and experts of various fields who are dedicated to Research

Research activities includes but not limited to the following main areas

Integrative Cancer Research
Metabolic Diseases Research
Psychosomatic Diseases Research
Dietary and meditation Research
Research on Yoga in Various Diseases

The main objective of the department is to:

Set directions, priorities and thrust areas for Research.
Regular review of the progress of Research Projects.
Research collaborations with other National and International Organizations.